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Grant L. Olds

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About Grant L. Olds

When Grant Olds ventured west to Arizona in 1982, he had set a course for his life that seemed solid. As a recent graduate of the prestigious College of Architecture at Virginia Tech and sole winner of the Student of Design Excellence Award, he traveled over 2,000 miles to the Phoenix, Arizona metro area where he sought to hone his skills with major architectural firms and to learn the practical side of his craft.


Planning on just a three year stint before he returned east, Grant worked diligently and developed a base of satisfied clients who appreciated his attention to detail and commitment to quality. A desire to have a greater impact on the visual landscape of ever-growing Phoenix eventually would push the Virginia native into founding his own practice. In 1988, Grant L Olds Architects opened for business in Tempe, Arizona ready to make a large impact in the Valley of the Sun and beyond!