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About GLOA

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About GLOA

The DYNAMIC and CREATIVE team at Grant L Olds Architects responds to the needs of all clients. GLOA LLC embraces each project with vigor and expertise.

GLOA's team of professionals is dedicated to meeting your schedule requirements. In most cases, 15 working days gets your preliminary schematic plans into completed permit and bid-ready status.

Tight schedules don't bother us—we are the "can do" firm.

Our full service organization will meet the most stringent challenges of your project. Grant L Olds Architects has a fully developed resource team that features the valley's most experienced engineers and consultants including mechanical, plumbing, electrical, medical, dental and building system engineers.

We at GLOA pride ourselves on the accuracy of all our plans and designs. We get it right the first time, every time. The GLOA team stands behind each and every aspect of our construction documents. We are available for questions and clarifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Construction progresses in an orderly fashion and without interruption, thanks to the long-standing GLOA policy of instant voice response to any and all construction questions.

Experience the unique service level of Grant L Olds Architects and let us guide you each step of the way through your project. Our team will assist you at every turn; evaluating your staff needs, space utilization and planning schematics, design development, corporate identification, millwork design, construction documents and so much more. From preliminary design to move-in, at Grant L Olds Architects ... YOUR VISION IS OUR BUSINESS.